Books by Carole

Second Story Woman: A Memoir of Second Chances (Bird Dog Publishing: 2007)

Calladine confronts her midlife crisis with the recognition of having Type 2 Diabetes. She finds strength in recognizing and affirming her talents and love of family.
Reviews of Second Story Woman:
Carole Calladine is a quintessential storyteller whose writing is entertaining, informative, and inspiring. Second Story Woman is a feast for the soul, a guide to mindfulness, and a tale of tender triumph over a huge life challenge. Jan Phillips, author of "Marry Your Muse."
Wear a hard hat and prepare for black ice because memoir is harsh country. In Second Story Woman, Carole Calladine stirs the pot where we prick a finger and the spell of our youth disappears. She makes us see we are both the witch and princess. The apple that we bite and hold and share is our life. She tells us any time we have is enough time to be brave. - Jeanne Bryner, author of Eclipse.
F. Scott Fitzgerald famously quipped, "There are no second acts in American lives." Fitzgerald never met Carole Calladine. -Ben Saylor, West Life.
This book is a beautifully wrought narrative that explores the writer's innermost thoughts and her observations of the world around her. Calladine is not afraid to let her readers see into her heart and that's what good story is all about. -Donna Miller,
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One Terrific Year: Supporting Your Kids Through the Ups and Downs of Their Year (Winston Press: 1985).

Armed with a copy of One Terrific Year, parents can prepare themselves and their child for finding their identity in a new classroom, how to have a good Halloween scare, performance & self-esteem issues at report card time, building family traditions for the holidays, bouts of spring fever, summertime fun and more. Get ready, set, go!
Reviews of One Terrific Year:
I must admit to a bias; Carole Calladine is now the parent educator I tried to be for forty years. I happily pass the torch to this wise, warm, sensible lady. The nice thing about her book is that while it introduces a new slant (seasonal!) into child study, she doesn't beat it to death. What she is really doing is using all her personal and professional experience in the service of childhood. - Eda J. LeShan, author of When Your Child Drives You Crazy.
A stunningly original approach to the problems of child behavior, based on the changes children experience as the seasons progress through the cycle of the year, from the start of school right on through summer. Refreshingly different. I recommend it highly. - Dr. Louise Bates Ames, Associate Director, Gesell Institute
Raising Brothers and Sisters Without Raising the Roof (Winston Press: 1983) -- trade paperback edition of Raising Siblings (Delacorte Press: 1979)

"Help! The kids are fighting again and I don't know what to do." How many times have you felt that way and not known where to turn? Now, finally, there is a book devoted solely to helping parents deal with the interaction between their children, to putting more fun and order back into everyday family living. Your parenting goal is to promote a caring sibling bond between the brothers and that will last a lifetime.
Reviews of Raising Siblings:
A warm, practical, human book. -Eda J. LeShan, Woman's Day
Easy to read and full of sound, practical advice...this book can help you make your house a healthy, happy home. - The Critic's Corner, Health Quarterly Plus Two
An excellent of the best yet written on family living. - Louise Bates Ames, author of the classic text, Child Behavior.

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