Tips for Living with Abundance:

Be persistent. Be Brave. And make your own prediction path. This is a tool I used in banishing bad habits from my lifestyle in Second Story Woman.
Behavior/Feeling Challenge
Trigger Intervention Do It Right Now Life-Long
Trigger: What is the cause or root of the behavior/feeling?
Intervention: How can you start to feel/act differently?
Do Right Now: What small action/step can change your behavior/feeling? Do it Now.
Life-long: What actions are needed to permanently change behavior/feeling?
Your Turn: This is an example from a workshop given at the Aging In America conference held in Washington, D. C.
Behavior/Feeling Challenge: Being Late
Trigger  Intervention  Do It Right NowLifelong
Doing one more thing before leaving.Write down that task to do upon return on a post-it and put on refrigerator.Leave and remember how good it feels to be on time.Intention / Promise to

Self. “I can be counted upon to not only show up, but to be on time.
Not being able to say, “No,” and getting over-scheduled.Learn to say, “I’d like to (help, meet, do), but that would double-schedule me. Remember can’t please everyone and do everything. Choose priorities wisely because it’s important to be good to self.
Lose track of time.Set timer or watch. Carry small calendar with you as a reminder of commitments.Move to next project/ commitment when timer goes off or it’s time to move on. Remember there is no such thing as a totally clean house or desk.Allow self time every day that is just yours to do whatever nourishes you.
Scroll down for three more prediction path examples.
Your Turn: This example is from Geri B.
Behavior/Feeling Writing Challenge:
Not Writing Excuses
Trigger  Intervention Do It Right NowLifelong
Not the right atmosphere.Light a Candle!Sit! Put pen to paper.Create a sacred space and stick to it.
Too Tired.Write that you are too tired for ten minutes.Wash face.Go to bed ½ hour earlier.
No Time.Make time by consciously choosing what you’re willing to give up.Turn off TV. Don’t answer the phone.Reward regular practice.
Nothing to Say.Write on a prompt!NOW!Move your critic to the back of the bus.
House is a mess!Alternate one task after writing three pages.Write 3 pages.Ask self daily: How important is it?
Behavior/Feeling Diabetic Challenge:
Wanting Second Helpings
Trigger  Intervention Do It Right NowLifelong
When tastes goodSlow down, savor first helpingPut away leftovers before sitting down to eatShrink stomach
When still hungryHave a bottle of water or cup of soup. Get up and go for a walk.If still hungry have some celeryRemember my diabetic brain doesn’t feel full until one hour after eating.
RebellionChew ice cubes, crush water not selfGet out ten raisins and chew slowly one at a timeEat mindfully
Here's another example from a workshop at Lakeland College.
Behavior/Feeling Exercise Challenge:
Not Exercising
Trigger  Intervention  Do It Right NowLifelong
Too tired when arrive home.

No gym membership or equipment.

Don’t have time to exercise.

Angry, sad, glad.
Pick a time and put in calendar.

12 inches of space solution.

Make a priority.

Exercise. Feel Improved.
Set timer for five minutes.

Find 12 inches of clear space and march, walk, dance in it.

Make a commitment to exercise today. Decide on a time.

Workouts, work out feelings.
Make daily exercise as part of routine.

Remember your body loves exercise.

Time is ours to use wisely. Exercise.

Find an exercise you love, enjoy.
Your Turn:
Behavior/Feeling Challenge (Identify it!)
Trigger  Intervention  Do It Right NowLifelong
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