Contact Carole to schedule a presentation for your next event. Sample topics include:
1. SoulCollage®
Create your own magic with SoulCollage! Select images that call to you. Cut the images out and paste onto mat boards to discover your multi-faceted self. Cards come to represent inner parts of ourselves, larger archetypes which move through us and in the world, actual people and animals who enrich our lives, and animal companions who speak to us about the balance of energy in our bodies. Who will emerge for you? This intuitive art process was developed by Seena Frost. Carole has received her facilitator certificate to teach this creative and fun process.
2. Journaling

The Joy of Journaling. Discover the Joy that journaling provides. A hands-on workshop. Create your own themed notebook to begin a reflective, gratitude, or memory keeper journal. No matter what kind of journaling you decide to do, research shows it will be good for your health, psyche, and spiritual well-being. Let's get started.

3. The Narrative Arc 
The Narrative Arc of Storytelling. In this workshop, Carole will discuss how to build tension and plot whether you are writing a play, novel, or memoir. This presentation will focus on her experience in changing a first draft (Bicycle Girl) into a salable manuscript (Second Story Woman) by using the narrative arc and the 12 key elements of basic storytelling.
4. Re-Inventing Oneself
New Tools for Joyful Living. Feeling stagnant? Learn behavioral tools such as Rejuvenating Roadmaps, Emergency Shelves, and Affirmations for Living. Participants will be entertained and empowered with invigorating skills and passionate activities.
5. Writing Memoir
Writing Memoir. An examination of the genre of memoir. Explore some of the best memoirs. How and why do they capture our attention and hearts? Learn how to apply their techniques for your writing.
6. Photography
Point & Shoot Photography. Learn the basics for getting the best photo to illustrate your creative work. Award-winning photographer Carole Calladine will teach you the four C’s of getting a good image: content, color, contrast, composition.
7. Type 2 Diabetes

Old Dog. New Tricks: Positive Choices for Persons with Diabetes. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Depends on one’s motivation and willingness to try new things. Join Carole Calladine as she shares the ups and downs of her 20-year journey with diabetes.

8. Design-a-Workshop

Carole can design a program tailored to your needs. For example, Carole created a workshop on Time to Write featuring ten writing tips, goal setting, and developing writing muscle for the Cuyahoga Public Library Writer's Series.

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